Land more of your dream clients easier than ever, without lifting a digital finger...

Virtually, Rebecca will help sprinkle some magic on your social media channels.

Do you…

…just want some guidance?

You want to have full control over your social media channels AND can check off at least one of these items:

  • You want to create and source your own content because you know your brand best.

  • You want someone to point you in the right direction and then be on your way.

  • You have always done your own social media and just want a refresher.

…want personalized 1:1 help?

You have tried handling your social media accounts on your own and can check off at least one of these items:

  • You have a hard time finding time to source & schedule content.

  • You are frustrated and not seeing growth on your accounts.

  • You want more time to work with your clients and/or be with your family.

My name is Rebecca Bakofsky.

And I am here to help you sparkle some magic on your social while you focus on the important things.

"Rebecca has a great understanding of how to use social media in a professional, responsible manner to advance the brand’s image and focus based upon my company’s overall marketing initiative." - Sherry Cassin