3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Brand Story

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A brand story is more than your website, logo, brand colors, and fonts. It is the all-encompassing story of your business. The thoughts and feelings that are created when someone happens on your website, reads your social media posts, or sees your logo on one of your products.

Your unique brand story is the autobiography of what your business does to help your customers and clients.

What is Included in a Brand Story?

Although a logo and website are all part of your brand story, it does not end there. Your brand story includes such elements as your web content, blog posts, the products you offer, and the services you sell. You are creating a specific perception of your business when others see or read any part of your presence, whether it’s your online presence or a physical storefront.

What Does a Brand Story Do for Your Business?

Your specific brand story needs to create the following when interacting with potential client and customers:

  • Authentic and powerful engagement with your audience

  • Significant value of your products and services

  • Clear communication of the vision of your business

  • Simple, straightforward purpose of your business

Be sure to keep these things in mind when creating your own unique brand story. Everything you create - images, content, products - needs to communicate the above four items for it to be aligned with your brand.

How to Tell Your Brand Story

There are numerous ways for you to tell your brand story. It’s your story after all and will be unique to your experience. One of the easiest ways to do this is to share three things - the problem, the solution, and the victory. Using this method is a simple way to narrate your brand story, especially if this is your first time sharing it with others.

Ask yourself the following questions as you write this out. It does not need to be complicated. These discussion points are here to lead you through the process.

The Problem

  • Share the particular problem you are solving with your business model

  • What made you want to solve this problem to begin with?

  • Did you have a personal experience that caused you to want to help others with a similar issue?

The Solution

  • Talk about the solution you created to solve this specific problem

  • How did you create this solution? Was there anything in particular that stood out to you?

  • What actions did you take that brought you to this precise answer?

The Victory

  • Share how you the solution continues to provide victory from the problem

  • Relate in very specific ways how your life was before the solution and how it’s different now after the solution.

  • Make a list of thoughts and feelings you had while experiencing the problem as well as when you found the solution

How to Implement Your Brand Story

Now that you have a clear and concise word picture of your brand story, you are equipped to share it in all aspects of your business.

Not sure what products or services to offer? Make a list of ideas from the specific solution your business solves.

Having trouble writing a sales page? Use the main points from your problem, solution, victory to share why someone would want to purchase a product from you.

Need to create social media posts for authentic engagement? Share a word picture of how you felt during the problem you experienced, asking others if they can relate.

As you can see a brand story can drive your business forward, giving you and your customers a clear, concise picture of how and why your business is the right solution for their particular problem.

Are you looking for expert direction when it comes to building your online brand? Schedule a free consultation with me. I'd love to chat about how we can help you build your own unique brand story.