Social Media Engagement: 4 Ways to Authentically Connect

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As a business owner, you are most likely already aware that social media is a very important tool in promoting your business. Engagement and connection, not merely posting an update, is the key to connecting with your audience on social media. If you’re unsure of how to begin connecting with your followers apply one or more of the suggestion below.

Reply to Comments

When someone comments on one of your posts, take a moment to respond to them. A simple “Thank you” is good, but taking the engagement even further is better. Ask them a question such as “Thank you. What did you like the most about this?” or “That’s great! Please share more; we’d love to hear about your experience.”

Action Step: An almost guaranteed way to get a response every single time is to reply to their comment with a GIF. These animated images are huge and make social media fun.

Post Shareable Content

There are specific types of content that are more shareable than others and videos and high-quality images are high on this list. Think about the last time you shared something on social media. Odds are it was an image that made you laugh out loud or a video that was thought-provoking. Apply this same principle to content you share on your profile.

Action Step: Follow a business page/account in your niche and share some of their posts on your timeline. Look for posts, images, or videos that have a high number of likes, shares, and comments.

Ask Others to Share Your Post

This may seem overly simplistic but it actually works. Simply ask your followers to share your post. Tell them what it is, how it will help others, and then ask them to take a moment to share. You will inevitably get some engagement and possibly new followers as well.

Action Step: Include a simple call-to-action with these types of posts - “Like my page”, “Sign up for this free checklist”, “Share this funny video” or “Read this blog post” are just a few examples.

Share Other People’s Content

It can be a huge compliment to a fellow business owner to share their content on your social media profile. When you find one of their blog posts to be valuable, share it on your timeline and tag them in the post. You’re providing value to your followers. Plus, they see that you are all about helping others by promoting their content, not simply posting to benefit yourself.

Action Step: When you utilize this strategy you need to do it authentically. Do not be spammy. This comes across as dishonest and lazy and will do the opposite of attracting followers and customers.

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