Time-Saving Simplicity of Social Media Templates

Pinterest Blog Post Template.png

Having a library of social media templates at your disposal is a huge time-saver for busy entrepreneurs. Social media posts accompanied by an image typically get more engagement in the form of clicks, likes, comments and yes, even shares. This is what every business owner likes to see on their social media platform. The higher the engagement the more likely a purchase is to follow.

This template library is basically a compilation of “done for you” digital assets - templates that are created ahead of time, allowing you to easily and quickly switch out colors, fonts, and content while keeping the basic elements of the graphic intact. Creating social media graphics and templates will take an investment of time up front, but once created they will save you an exponential amount of that same time each month.

Social media templates are a must if you want to grow awareness of your brand and ultimately build your business. There are a variety of ways you can accomplish this while not allowing it to consume so much of your time.

Keep Branding Elements Consistent

When you create your own social media templates, you are beginning with a blank canvas and then adding elements that are consistent with your brand such as geometric shapes, lines, and icons (think people, animals, technology, nature, etc). Once the basic template is designed, you are halfway to creating a complete template. From here you can switch out colors, fonts, and images. This allows all of your social media visuals, whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or any number of social media platforms to remain recognizable and consistent to your business. It is a fabulous strategy for standing out among the competition.

Your Team Has Access to the Same Templates

This reason right here is why having a branding kit is also a huge advantage. A branding kit includes items such as colors and fonts, but also adds other elements that will be distinct to your business alone. A logo, tone of voice, mission statement, and other components, when combined, represent your unique company.

Whether you have employees on your team or prefer to work with individual contractors or freelancers, having a branding kit that includes social media templates will not only save them time but also save you a ton of hassle. Each member of the team will know what you expect when it comes to how your business is portrayed on social media.

Engage Personally with Your Audience

Rather than sifting through all the noise that’s out there in the wide world of social media, having consistent, brand-identifiable templates will allow potential clients and customers to easily find your business. Dr. John Medina wrote in his book Brain Rules, “if information is presented orally, people remember about 10 percent, tested 72 hours after exposure. That figure goes up to 65 percent if you add a picture.”

Whether you are posting an update on Facebook or sharing a live stream on Instagram, adding one of your social media templates will increase the likelihood of engagement.

Social Media Template Recommendations

In order to take back some of that time you’ve already invested in social media, I recommend you have the following social media templates created for your business. If you consistently send email newsletters, share videos on YouTube, or use any other digital platform, you can add those templates to the list below as well.

  • Instagram post

  • Facebook post

  • Twitter post

  • Pinterest graphic

  • Basic Social Media graphic

  • Email Header

  • Blog Title

Looking to take this a step further? Sharp, polished social media images are key for a professional social media profile. Download your FREE Social Media Image Dimension Cheat Sheet below.