Implement These 3 Free Tools to Grow Your Social Media Presence

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Social media is all about getting to know people. We share pictures of our families, photos of our pets, funny quotes, and political opinions. We ask questions, make recommendations, post links to thought-provoking articles, and share funny jokes.

So what on earth does this have to do with my business?


Growing your social media following is all about inviting others to know, like, and trust you.

People learn more about you through the articles you share, the pictures you post, and the questions you ask.

People come to like you by reading those posts and engaging with those questions and comments.

People come to trust you when they make a connection with you, feel like they relate to you, and see you as a “real” person behind your business.

Social media growth does not have to be as complicated as it’s often portrayed. It’s a very viable way to grow your business and can be done by only spending your time, not your already tight budget.

Get ready to implement these 3 strategies to organically and relationally grow your social media following.

Use Your Own Content

One of the most untapped sources of building a social media presence can be found in your own content. This is not only for those businesses that have online content to share, but also for those with any type of online presence - an online store, a blog, or a website.

Have you written blog posts? Then share a snippet or a quote from one of your most popular posts.

Have you received rave reviews from customers and clients? Share those reviews so potential clients will know what you have done for others.

Have people asked you for advice regarding your specific niche? Share a value-packed tip that someone can easily take action on.

Add Social Media Buttons Everywhere

Social media buttons can be added anywhere online. Two types of buttons you’ll want to display are social follow buttons and social share buttons.

Social follow buttons allow someone to click on a button and immediately begin following you on their favorite social media platforms. This makes it simple and easy to daily grow your social media followers.

Social share buttons allow others to share your content on their social media platform. For example someone can share one of your blog posts on their Facebook timeline or Twitter feed, pushing your content out in front of a brand new audience.

You can add these buttons to your:

  • Personal or business email signature

  • Website’s home page, contact page, and about page

  • Website’s sidebar or footer

  • Before, within, or after a blog post

  • Email newsletters

Adopt a Consistent Schedule

Adopting and following a consistent posting schedule builds credibility with your audience. Remember that know, like and trust factor? Consistency helps build that with your followers.

The more consistently you post, the more your audience wants to hear more from you.

The more consistently you post, the more you engage with your followers and in turn, they engage with you.

The more consistently you post, the more interest is created for your products and services.

Each social media platform has its own set of best practices in regards to optimal posting times. Be sure to conduct your own research when creating a posting schedule unique to your business.

Growing your social media following is a huge undertaking but it can be done. If you know you need to up your social media game, consider implementing at least one of the strategies above.

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