5 Simple Steps to Creating Your First Squarespace Website

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You have a goal in mind. A purpose or a passion to share with the world. You know your audience, your message, the product or service you want to offer, and you have chosen the Squarespace platform to host your digital business. This simple and easy website platform makes it easy for you to create and design a website that fits your brand and your business.

Follow the steps below to create your very first Squarespace website.

Choose a Domain Name

Your domain name is the digital address of your website. You can buy your domain name from Squarespace or you can choose another service. Search for “domain name registrar service” and choose one from the list that generates.

Create Your Navigation Structure

The navigation structure of your website is its main menu, typically located at the top of your home page. Within the main menu are the pages of your website. You will have main pages, that are clearly labeled at the top menu. You may also have secondary pages, which can be found under each main page.

The recommended pages to include on a website’s main menu are:

  • About

  • Contact

  • Store or Services

  • Start Here

  • Blog

You can also include:

  • Features

  • Pricing

  • Portfolio

  • Testimonials

Add Your Web Content

Now that you have your main menu and pages created, you’ll want to add content to each of those pages. This includes not only written content but also images and/or graphics. Create an outline of the content you’d like to include on each page. To find images that are free to use on websites search “public domain images” or see this list of free stock photo websites. Be sure to include a picture of yourself as well. Your audience will want to see the person behind the website.

Sign up for Squarespace & Choose a Template

Visit Squarespace at https://www.squarespace.com/ and sign up for a free trial. There are many templates to choose from, including categories for various kinds of websites, such as online stores, creatives services, fashion & beauty, home & living, professional service, and travel & lifestyle.

Add Your Domain Name & Content

Now it’s time to add your content, both written and graphic. The following navigation menu allows you to completely customize your website:

  • Pages - Create the pages of your website and add their content. You also have the ability to add both a main navigation menu (top menu) and a secondary navigation menu (for example, a footer menu).

  • Design - Add your logo, change your template, and customize the colors of your entire website, including content, links, and buttons.

  • Commerce - Manage orders, track inventory, and maintain customer information.

  • Analytics - Check traffic, new subscribers, and other activity.

  • Settings - Update general, website, and commerce settings.

  • Help - Find guides, videos, and information regarding all things Squarespace.

Once you’ve completed these steps you will have created your very first Squarespace website. Remember, this website will not be perfect. In fact, it’s OK if it’s not. Begin with the basics and add the extras and details from there. As your business grows and changes over time, so will your website. Squarespace offers a simple platform, allowing your website to be maintained and updated in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Are you thinking of creating a website but are overwhelmed with the idea? As a web designer, my priority is to design a cohesive brand online to support the success of your business. Schedule a free consultation today to chat about how we can work together.


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