8 Benefits of Using Squarespace for the Small Business Owner

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As a Squarespace user, I am definitely familiar with all the benefits of using Squarespace for my online business. Below are my top 8 reasons business owners should choose Squarespace for their website platform.

Personalization: A website designer can create a personalized Squarespace template for your website. This allows your website to reflect your unique brand and individual business.

User-friendly: As a business owner, you want control over all aspects of your business, including your website. Squarespace gives you complete control over the entire design process. They feature easy drag and drop elements, as well as a variety of plug-ins to suit your specific needs.

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Mobile Responsive: All Squarespace websites are mobile responsive. This means that your website will look amazing and function smoothly for your customers when being viewed on a tablet or cell phone.

Affordable: Although Squarespace does not offer any free plans, they do offer a free 14-day trial. Their monthly plans begin as low as $12 per month. All of their plans include free hosting and a free domain, both of which can be an added expense if you choose another website platform.

24/7 Support: For all Squarespace customers support is available all day, every day, through either email or live chat. In fact, their policy is to reply to every message within an hour after it’s received, regardless of the time your message was sent.

E-commerce: This is especially advantageous for business owners. An online shop is already built in, meaning you don’t have to build a separate website for your online store.

Maintenance: Squarespace automatically updates their software, allowing you to focus more on your business rather than extra tasks such as updating your website. You, and more importantly, your customers, can continue to effortlessly use your website with no unexpected interruptions.

Font Library: Having a variety of fonts at your disposal is perfect for the business owner who likes to be creative and have a unique website. All Squarespace customers have access to Google fonts as well as Typekit fonts, giving you extra artistic space when it comes to designing your website content.

Although there are a wide range of website platforms to choose from, Squarespace offers many advantages, especially for the small business owner. For any questions regarding Squarespace and your business website, I’m happy to schedule a call to chat more about this with you.


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