Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Building Their Websites

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Creating a business is an exciting venture for a new entrepreneur. Whether you are building an online presence or focusing more on brick and mortar, one of the foundational items you need to have is a website. Don’t let that word scare you. A website is simply a way for people to find out about you and your business. To ensure a great first impression avoid these common mistakes when building your own website.

Spending Too Much Time

When creating your website your first inclination may be to have it perfect. The only problem?  As any business owner will tell you, your business will evolve over time. Perfection is not what you want to strive for. I recommend beginning with three pages:

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About Me Page - People are more likely to buy from someone they “know, like and trust” and what better way than to share how you started your business. Include a few unique facts about yourself along with a picture.

Products or Services Page - Here you can showcase what you offer, whether you sell physical products or services. Be sure to make it simple and easy for your customers to buy from you.

Contact Page - Inevitably people are going to have questions for you. Here you can include a contact form, your email address, as well as your social media handles.

Spending Too Much Money

If you choose to hire someone to build a website for you, there will be quite an initial investment. Even though you may not consider yourself “techy” it is possible to create your own inexpensive website.

I recommend investing in a self-hosted website, like Squarespace. With this option, your website is completely under your control, and you own all the digital content. You can also customize your website specifically to your business, choosing from a variety of themes and designs.

Making It Complicated

An attractive website is definitely an advantage, but a clean and simple website is much easier for your potential customers to navigate. An uncluttered and organized site will make it easy for people to “shop around” and also help them avoid frustration.

A few other tips that may be helpful are:

  • Including enough white space, for a clear, readable website.

  • Having an easy to find menu at the top of your website.

  • Using a few simple fonts and two or three complementary colors.

Creating a website for your business can be a fun, yet frustrating process. Following these three recommendations will allow you to build a simple, uncomplicated, and solid online presence for your new business.

Let’s chat about how a new Squarespace web design can benefit your brand.


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