6 Reasons Outsourcing to a Freelancer Can Skyrocket Your Business

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Outsourcing is a huge part of business, both online and brick-and-mortar. For many new business owners, they have built freelancing into their business strategy. They understand the importance of needing support and expertise that will promote and contribute to the growth of their business.

As a business owner, you may be asking yourself why you need to hire a freelancer. Take a look at these 6 benefits to hiring a freelancer for your business.

Economically Sound

It can be a very smart move financially to hire a freelancer over hiring an employee. With a freelancer, you are paying a fixed rate, whether that is project-based or hourly-based. When you hire an employee you pay their salary or hourly wage, federal and state taxes, social security tax, and possibly health benefits. Hiring a freelancer is a wise investment and makes fiscal sense for your growing business.

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Prioritize Your Time

When hiring someone to join your team, you are doing yourself a huge favor. You are allowing yourself to work on higher-priority tasks, like meeting with potential clients, making those personal follow-up calls, and planning the future of your business. Everyday tasks like email management, social media scheduling or creating images for your next launch, can be handed to someone who has the time, skills, and experience needed to support you in growing your business.

Access to Diverse Talent

With the blessing of the Internet, it’s no longer necessary to hire one person for several different tasks. Need a new sales page written for your book launch? Hire a copywriter. Need someone with experience in creating an e-course? Hire a digital content creator. Thinking you may need to update your brand to attract new customers? Hire a branding specialist. The possibilities in hiring specific talent for specific projects are truly endless.

Outsource As-Needed

During a busy time of year or a complex product launch, you may need some extra help. As the department stores and malls hire extra employees during the Christmas season, so you can hire freelancers as your business demands. Once each project or task is completed, you will now begin to build a list of experts you can tap into for later projects.

Not a Good Fit? No problem!

The nature of freelancing comes with certain expectations. Those who offer virtual services know that not every job or every project is going to be a good fit. Contracts signed between the business owner and freelancer often include a policy regarding this exact issue. This makes it much easier for either party to come forward and express concern that the business relationship is not a good fit. There are no hard feelings between the two parties, and they part ways in a respectful and cordial manner.

Share the Same Values

Freelancers are business owners, which gives them the advantage when it comes to understanding the importance of serving their clients or customers. They know that if they deliver exceptional work or a project earlier than planned that will make a great first impression. This same work ethic will be found in any tasks or projects they complete for you and your business.

Have you hired a freelancer for your business? Are you considering outsourcing some work to give yourself more time to focus on priorities? Let’s talk more about how I can help! Follow this link to schedule a free consultation with me.