Are you falling behind on your business' growth curve?
Have you had those "creative" items on your to do list for months?
Well, you're in luck! (hint: take a look below!)

Welcome to my services page - here is where I outline my main offerings: web design, social media and graphics. Depending on which stage your business is in, we can tackle all three together or we can just tackle what is necessary for you. Take a look below and be sure to explore my packages and services more in depth - don't see what you're looking for? I offer custom packages, as well!

Web Design & Branding

Designing your online presence is extremely important. When a prospective customer or client googles your business, if he/she doesn't come across a website, more likely than not, this prospective customer will go look somewhere else for what he/she is looking for. The same instance will occur if the prospect comes across your website and either (a) can't relate to it or (b) is difficult navigate. All these reasons and more is why establishing a cohesive brand online is important to any business' success.

Social Media Management

All businesses need some sort of a social media presence. Some may only need to be on a couple of channels, meanwhile others may do best on five channels and then there are those select few that only need one channel. This all depends on where your audience can be found. For example, if your target market includes women aged 35-55 - it may be a good idea to be on Pinterest or if your brand is visual heavy, Instagram may be the place for you. It all depends on who your customer avatar is and what type of business you have. If all of this scares you, don't worry! No matter which point you're at, I can assist you in moving forward and finding your ideal audience!

Graphic Design

After you create your customer avatar and are aware as to what type of product you will be offering, the next step in any business is to implement your branding. This includes all logos and symbols that are associated with your business as well as any social media imagery. Creating branding newsletters & emails, e-courses & e-books, and even contracts that are all on brand is very important. All of your graphics should be consistent when it comes to font as well as color & give off the same vibe. In such an image driven world, your business' graphics have a huge impact on your bottom line.